scott fields

Scott Fields, musician

Five Frozen Eggs

Five Frozen Eggs merges the tensile throttle of Disaster and charged largeness of 48 Motives. — Eugene Weekly

48 Motives

48 Motives is a profound extension of Fields’ hornless quintet CD Fugu (Geode) where he amply displayed his use of different contemporary post-free jazz and post-classical music. Fields excels in creating slowly sculpted swerves, hairpin turns, and even magnificently powerful door blowing exertions. And on Motives, Stephen Dembski brilliantly guided the octet version of Fields’ ensemble for an adventurous sound event that awaits you. — Midwest Jazz Magazine


Disaster at Sea

All together, the CD is a rattling affair. Fields attacks his guitar as Cecil Taylor or Borah Bergman attack the piano. He takes massive swipes across it, covering a scatter of notes that get clustered so tightly together that the impact of each piece takes multiple listens to blossom. Fast and loud, the trio slams its way through Fields’ highly developed approach to the guitar and composition. — Midwest Jazz