scott fields

Scott Fields, musician

Five Frozen Eggs

Context is the operative for success regarding Scott Fields’ musical vision. While capable guitarists are a dime a dozen, only a handful compose and improvise in a challenging setting with the consistency of Fields. By surrounding himself with players of the highest caliber, Fields’ group suggests a finely tuned, living entity. This quartet serves as an important reminder of what creative improvised music has to offer. In this case, a nimble musical vehicle with all-wheel drive. — Cadence Magazine

Disaster at Sea

Almost frightening in its execution, this is a trio that creates music of overwhelming density… Even in their freest moments, the group has a high level of discipline and conference. For the most part, the improvisations appear democratic, with the lead equally shared between Turner and Fields. Davis meticulously accents and shadows the assertions of the duo; his shimmering cymbals echo their distortion while the din of his snares and toms enhance the color of the dialogue. Whether it be the slurred, raucous guitar, or the ominous resonating cello, their improvisations are full of textural fervor, resulting in a sound as jarring and explosive as the calamity that influenced it. — Cadence Magazine