scott fields

Scott Fields, musician

more reimagination, new victim

A few years back the Haydn Festival in Brühl, Germany commissioned me to reimagine the Haydn Sun Quartets for my String Feartet of violin, viola, cello, and electric guitar. As with most reimaginations, it was aesthetically satisfying to imagine away most of the original.

After the premier the String Feartet went into the studio to record the double CD "Haydn," which was released on Between the Lines.

Now just down the road a piece, the Beethoven 2020 Festival, a celebration of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, has commissioned me to reimagine the fantastic late string quartets, again for my String Feartet. Many thanks to them, and for the In Situ Art Society, which is the engine powering the project, for the vote of confidence.